Hybrid Annuities – Advantages and Disadvantages

Hybrid annuities are insurance contracts that allow the buyers to allocate the funds on both variable and fixed annuities. Hybrid annuities provide investors the capability to select the amount of assets that they can allocate to those conservative, fixed investments in which they offer lower, guaranteed rates on returns. The hybrid annuities also offer the investor the choice on the… Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Annuities – On Mortality Credits, Taxes and Payments

Upfront, annuities seem to offer a pretty sweet deal since you can get guaranteed income for life. Sadly, they are not very straightforward in terms of benefits. There are numerous pros and cons of annuities. Annuities are very promising for both insurance companies who offer then and those who sell such products. That is why consumers have to be very… Continue reading

Understanding Fixed Index Annuity Pros and Cons

Calculating fixed index annuity can be very complicated but in essence, they are quite easy to understand. There are just many calculations that you need to do and factors to consider. If you are contemplating on getting this type of annuity or any annuity for that matter, it is highly suggested to take advantage of experts and their advice. Any… Continue reading

Are Annuities Good or Bad for Consumers?

It has always been a common inquiry for consumers to ask if something that is good has some bad repercussion. In fact, for some, the term annuity is like pressing a set off alarm. There will always be those people who are not keen about its benefits and some will be very interested about what these benefits would mean to… Continue reading

Deferred Annuity Calculator

The deferred annuity calculator is ideal to determine the final balance of both variable and fixed deferred annuities. The deferred annuities accumulate in a span of time, allowing them to grow without tax. The deferred annuity calculator is ideal for those who want to estimate their final balanced for both fixed and variable annuities. With fixed annuities, deferral is possible… Continue reading

What Is the Single Life Annuity?

If you want to receive annuity benefits when you retire, you have to consider earlier on what you want to do with the money. Do you want to share the benefit or the income with your spouse or do you wish to receive a single life annuity? The single life annuity is also known as a solo coverage. With the… Continue reading

Understanding the Annuity Factor and How to Calculate It

A lot of people are aware about annuity. This is a financial instrument that provides income through a series of payments in exchange of a capital investment often paid in lump sum. The payment accumulates interest till the time it is ready to be paid out. The annuity factor is also known as the present value of the income stream… Continue reading

What Are the Variable Annuities Pros and Cons?

It has probably happened to you at one point during a meeting with an insurance company or a financial advisor when they asked you if you are interested about annuities. Some people say they are good while others have not so good experiences about these financial products. In the last few years, due to the market volatility, variable annuities are… Continue reading

Equity Indexed Annuity – Understanding the Various Aspects

There is something sexy about the features of an equity indexed annuity. These products are sold by numerous insurance companies and they are a mixed insurance and investment plan in which insurers promise the investors a share of stock market gains with an assurance of limited downsides if the market suddenly moves the other way. When the investment reaches the… Continue reading

Annuity Payment Calculator

The annuity payment calculator is an important formula or tool that you can use so that you can calculate the period payments for your annuity. Before we get started in using the annuity payment calculator or its core equation, we have to understand what annuities and payments are all about. The annuity is a series of payments that are received… Continue reading

Are Annuities a Good Investment?

Are annuities a good investment? You can consider annuities as investment products but they also carry an insurance aspect. You can say that the success of your annuities is dependent upon the financial strength of the insurance company that creates the structure for this investment. Annuities are rightfully named on the aspect in which an investor converts the investment into… Continue reading

What Is Single Premium Deferred Annuity?

The single premium deferred annuity is an annuity contract established by a one-time lump sum payment by the client. The single premium deferred annuity will grow in the basis of tax deferral until the point of annuitization. With the single premium deferred annuity, you can opt for a fixed or variable annuity and the distribution will only be subject to… Continue reading

Immediate Annuity Calculator – Make Smart Decisions for Your Retirement

Before we go using the immediate annuity calculator, are you sure you understand what you are getting into? Say, you have a lump sum, around $200,000 or more. You decided that you will have it invested on annuities. The immediate annuity is a contract that you purchase with a single lump sum payment and in exchange, the guaranteed income begins… Continue reading

Annuities Explained – Investing for Beginners

Not everybody is interested about investments and insurances but for those who want to have a more stable financial condition cone retirement age, it is vital to have a detailed understanding on what annuities are. Here we aim to annuities explained in the most effective and simple manner. While it is important to understand the complexities and mathematics of annuities,… Continue reading

Non Qualified Annuity – Features and Benefits

The non qualified annuity is similar to a pension but in this case, you buy it as an individual, as compared to an employer. The non qualified annuity is not subject to the restrictions of qualified plans. This is very advantageous since this means that you can find plans that either have very small withdrawal penalties or even zero penalties,… Continue reading

How Do Annuities Work?

How do annuities work? The problem with most people getting annuities is that they tend to get into investing in annuities without knowing how does an annuity work. You might have decided a few years ago to setup annuity. Your financial adviser might have told you that even with the down markets; the value of your investments will continue to… Continue reading

Finding the Best Annuity Rates

As you grow older, you think to yourself that you have worked hard and worked very well to deserve a good retirement. However, the true determinant of a pleasant retirement is not just with the awards you receive, but if you were smart enough to create a sustainable income flow that can last longer than you could. For most retirees,… Continue reading

Annuities Calculator – Make Smart Decisions

In the simplest sense, annuities are those investment products that offer scheduled payments in exchange for an initial lump sum. When we reach a certain age, we want to make sure that we can secure our life and finances. We consider getting investments. Annuities are very promising since they pay an amount based on the contract that you have considered.… Continue reading

What Is a Fixed Index Annuity?

Saving for retirement is one of the things that a lot of people are concerned when they reach a certain age. When they reach an age when they have done all things they want in their youth, it is time to start really discussing how to save when you reach the age when working is already not an option. Choosing… Continue reading

Securing a Cheap Business Insurance for Your Safety

Finding cheap business insurance for small businesses is not an easy feat. There are many factors to consider such as liability coverage, property insurance as well as health coverage. While there are packaged deals and umbrella policies that small businesses can consider as cheap business insurance, one can also customize the policy to fit their specific needs. It all boils… Continue reading

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