Finding Cheap Insurance for Young Drivers

Do you know that 16-year old drivers are considered the riskiest of the bunch? That means finding cheap insurance for young drivers can be a pain for any parent or young driver. One question that seems to be very hard to answer is what is the cheapest car insurance for young drivers? Cheap is a very subjective term. While insurance policies in essence can be painful for the pockets, uncovering what is the cheapest car insurance for young drivers can is like finding needle in a haystack. Before you do your search, let us identify some important facts so that we can easily level our expectations on what cheap insurance for young drivers is.

According to statistics, insuring a teenager with his or her own insurance would cost around $1800. That is way above the national average and puts teenagers in the high risk category. So, what are your options? Individual insurance is ideal only if you are giving primary control of the car to the teenager. If they will only drive a car occasionally, it is possible to find cheap insurance for young drivers. In fact, what is the cheapest car insurance for young drivers can range twice to thrice as lower as the cost of individual insurance products? This is a perfect scenario for parents.cheapest insurance for young drivers

But in essence, why is it almost impossible for all young drivers below 25 to get cheap insurance for young drivers? The answer lies on statistics. No matter how good you were in driving school and how high your scores were, you will always be quoted to a slightly higher premium than older drivers. Statistics shows that young drivers tend to be more reckless when they get comfortable behind the wheels. A common problem would have to be distracted driving. You can see young drivers holding a phone on one hand and the wheel on another. That would be one reason why the cheapest insurance for young drivers cannot be automatically offered.

However, beyond statistics, those who have proven that they are responsible drivers can benefit from some very nice perks. You may not be able to get the cheap young car insurance immediately, but in a few years, it will show.

  1. Maintain a clean driving record from the start up to 3 years and have your insurance re-assessed. It is possible that cheap insurance for young drivers will be applied to you.
  2. Increase your deductibles on comprehensive and collision coverage. This will help minimize the premiums considerably and it will also minimize risks of affecting claims-free discounts.
  3. Save money for car emergencies. By keeping money now, and driving safely, it is possible to get the minimum auto coverage and pay lower premiums.
  4. You can get a better deal for cheap young driver insurance if the car you drive is safe, has good safety record and crash test score, and is brand new. Basic sedans are very nice options while sports cars will shrink your chances to getting cheap insurance for young drivers.

Let us help you find the best car insurance for young drivers policy for your child today. Select your state and receive young persons car insurance quotes from notable insurance companies in your area.