Finding Child Only Health Insurance

There are select insurance companies across the US that offer child only health insurance. Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, insurers cannot reject the application for those children who may have pre-existing conditions. However, due to this same law, the market for child only health insurance has become limited since some insurance companies have eradicated the insurance product all together. However, there are those insurance companies that offer child only health insurance. Different states have different rules when it comes to this policy. It is necessary to be aware about the differences especially in your area.

The child only health insurance normally is offered by insurers in specific dates or schedules annually. Some states offer only 1 month for consumers to apply while some offer 2 separate months for application filing. There are situations where each insurer has its own set of dates. Be sure that you review them properly. Some states are luckier, wherein they can apply for child only health insurance all year round. California for example allows applications on the birth month of the child. You should review the rules and check the dates since most of the states in the US allow insurance companies themselves determine when they want and how long they want to offer their services.child only health insurance

While there is accessible data out there that can be used to help you identify the schedules of child only health insurance per state, these are only guides that for consumers since the rules governing specific states can be different for each insurance company. You have to recognize that the child only health insurance plan may be acquired using licensed agents. In certain states, you have to go directly to the insurance company. The qualifying event might also be necessary before the child only health insurance is offered. For example, death of parent, birth, adoption or loss of sponsor or employer coverage might be necessary so that the insurance can be offered outside the enrollment period. Another aspect to consider is that some states can allow the insurers to charge applicants of child only health insurance with higher rates for pre-existing conditions (if applicable) as a way to reduce costs that would be lost if the child is sickly and might need more coverage than other children. In some states, insurers can add surcharges to the premiums of applicants who were uninsured in the past. Finally, you cannot expect that all insurers offer child only health insurance since some have eradicated that product.

Looking for the best child only health insurance can be tough but if you are serious about finding a company that can offer coverage for their needs, then you should not give up. The cost of hospitalization and prescription medications is extremely high nowadays and having a child only health insurance is a very beneficial tool to reduce overall costs. Though the premiums might be expensive especially for those with existing conditions, it is necessary to get this since it still feels more secure that a company is going to cover your medical needs when necessary.

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