I Need Health Insurance

Prevention is better than cure, so they say. I believe than an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But do the principles of prevention also work with insurance? Do I need health insurance? That is always a big question for me, at my early twenties, at peak health. I know that there are so many diseases and conditions that could affect young people, but I also want to know if I need health insurance just because I am paranoid or if it is a really smart decision to make. One thing to be sure of is that health can be taken from you as easy as a snap of a finger. Are you prepared for the expenses?

I need health insurance because health is a necessity. In order for me, for us, to work, live and become productive we need the health we can secure. With insurance, we can gain access to services immediately when necessary especially emergency cases when we have to undergo specific treatments. Yes, we pay a premium for something that may not happen, but when it does, are you sure you have the funding you need? I certainly don’t since I am just beginning to build my savings. Therefore, I need health insurance.i need health insurance

I need health insurance since I do not have a massive emergency fund or a trust fund for that matter. They say getting sick in America is a costly thing and that is true. Unlike other countries with universal health opportunities, we still have to pay a lot of money just to have certain level of comfort that we will be taken care of. Unless you have bottomless pockets, you need health insurance. Heck I certainly think that business tycoons also spend some money for coverage. Depleting your money to address sickness is not a wise investment. Getting some support from insurance companies can definitely reduce the cost that we have to pay for medical expenses in the future. I need health insurance because I want to use my money wisely.

I need health insurance because I can lower my premiums anyway. People are so scared of buying insurance, saying that it is extra cost. While gadgets and clothes cost more than what insurance would cost in a year, you should try to reassess your priorities. Life is too short, and you must be smart with your investments. I need health insurance since deductibles can be increased and since I feel that I am careful with my body, I do not have to worry that much about getting sick. As I grow older, I could adjust my policy to fit my condition.

I need health insurance because it is something I want to do to protect myself. I do not want my parents or relatives to worry about me trying to make a life on my own. I want them to feel secure that I can handle myself. I need health insurance because I believe it is a smart way to live.

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