Health Insurance for Children Only – A Brief Review

Is there a health insurance for children only? Child-Only plans, as they are called, are individual policies that are made available for kids aged 18 and below with no guardian or parent listed on that policy. The Patient Protection and Accordable Care Act of 2010 prevent insurance companies from rejecting applications on health insurance for children only due to pre-existing… Continue reading

What Is the Average Health Insurance Cost Per Month?

Analyzing the average health insurance cost per month is not as simple as buying a pair of socks or underwear. Just like any other insurance policies, it is necessary for consumers to have a thorough understanding of health insurance, its unique facets and components and then we can analyze the average health insurance cost. According to previous studies, the average… Continue reading

How Much Is Health Insurance and How Do You Get the Best Deal?

Different health organizations have created their own reports, revealing crucial information regarding how much is health insurance. Specifically, the reports include private individual health insurance policies. The method of processing data and statistics is proprietary for each organization and that means while they provide a pretty good idea on how much is health insurance, these are only representative of the… Continue reading

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost Per Month?

Health insurance is very important for a lot of people. When you get sick, you want to make sure that you have enough coverage to ensure that you can get medical help and attention without costing too much money in the process. Insurance offsets the large cost of hospitalization, medical bills, medications and regular checkups with doctors. So, how much… Continue reading

Exploring the Features of Health Insurance Deductible

The health insurance deductible is a way for insurance policy owners to offset the cost of health insurance that they applied for. The health insurance deductible requires the insured person to pay a particular amount of money for medical procedures, doctor checkups and other aspects of the policy before the insurance company begins paying the policy. The insurance company will… Continue reading

Options for Health Insurance for Unemployed

Just a few years ago, there was a bleak situation for a lot of people. Massive layoffs happened and a lot of them had their own share of dark, gloomy days. In 2009, the bill for economic stimulus that was signed into a law last February enabled subsidy of 65% COBRA premiums to those qualified workers who got laid off… Continue reading

Comparing Whole Life vs. Universal Life

Before you buy life insurance, you have to determine what it is all about and when you do research, you will find that it comes with many names and additional features. Permanent life insurance is one of them. There are two prominent insurance products that are deemed as permanent. First, you have whole life and next are universal. Before you… Continue reading

List of Life Insurance Companies

To begin our list of life insurance companies, we focus on Aetna, a Fortune 500 company and one of the most popular insurance institutions in the US. “We Want You to Know,” That pretty much, sums up the kind of service that they want to offer. They want to educate the consumers about options that are most beneficial to.

Another… Continue reading

Is Whole Life Insurance a Good Investment?

Investing is a paradox. We use the term like its commonplace but in reality, investing is one of the most misconstrued things due to several reasons. We think that it is fast, that it is a gamble and finally, we do not get the right information most suited to our needs. In the realm of life insurance, is whole life… Continue reading

How Does Term Life Insurance Work

So, you decided to get term life insurance. Are you sure about your choice? Are you just joining the bandwagon? Understanding how does term life insurance work is a vital aspect in learning how it will benefit you in the long run. In fact, learning how does term life insurance work is quite easy and if you educate yourself about… Continue reading

Do I Need Life Insurance – Making the Best Decision for Effective Coverage

The question whether I need life insurance or not is the question that millions of other Americans also ask themselves no matter what point in life they already are in. trying to ask “do I need life insurance?” opens you up to the reality that there is end to life, but that does not mean you cannot leave something that… Continue reading

Different Types of Life Insurance Policies

When we talk about life insurance, surely, you would have heard tons of names types and hybrids. Some companies have their own proprietary insurance products while others just make matters worse by replacing the name to sound different. If you want to get life insurance, you have to educate yourself about the different types of life insurance policies. Understanding the… Continue reading

Choosing an Affordable Life Insurance for Seniors

Life is too short to worry about things we cannot control but for things that we can do something about, it is very important to invest on the right products or services. Take for example, affordable life insurance for seniors. Elderly people know that it would only take a few more years or decades before they finally pass on but… Continue reading

Short Term Life Insurance – Transition Policy

It is quite common to issue the short term life insurance together with a short term health coverage often used as a transitional type of coverage when there is a change in employment. When you move to a new company, there is a gap in coverage and protection that has to be filled so that the person who might be… Continue reading

Second to Die Life Insurance – Concerns and Risks

The second to die life insurance is a unique tool that only affluent policy holders can truly effectively carry and use to its fullest potential. It is a unique setup for insurance and for others, there really is not much sense to understanding second to die life insurance but as a consumer, being aware of your insurance options will give… Continue reading

Uses of a No Physical Life Insurance

At first, no physical life insurance might seem like impossibility but it actually is a unique kind of insurance plan that has been simplified r guaranteed to provide coverage t particular clients who might be having a hard time getting the necessary insurance coverage. If a standard policy does not let you get the necessary coverage, then the no physical… Continue reading

Life Insurance for Over 50s

Let’s face it: when we get older, we become more sensitive about age. Sadly, life is impermanent and if you have people to protect, you should know that it is never too late to get an insurance even if you are already in your golden years. In fact, thinking about your mortality and the condition of your family is a… Continue reading

How to Buy Life Insurance

First tip on how to buy life insurance: ask yourself the question: why bother? Do you really need it? While a lot of people are enticed to buy insurance policies for the ideal reasons, they may not be the most practical reasons to get one. Life insurance is ideal for someone who wishes to leave something to another person. Unless… Continue reading

What Is the Difference Between Term and Whole Life Insurance?

Life insurance policies are extremely popular for several reasons: they offer a certain level of coverage or protection to the beneficiaries of the policyholder. However, certain situations can have big influence to how you choose the policy that you want. For one thing, younger policy holders might want to opt for term policies instead of other, more detailed policies. One… Continue reading

High Risk Life Insurance for Medical and Non-Medical Situations

High risk life insurance covers a wide range conditions and risks that regular insurance companies would not be able to cover. Medical impairment or high risk occupations are common reasons why people tend to get declined by insurance companies. While guaranteed life insurance offers options to get policies without medical underwriting, high risk life insurance is a very promising product… Continue reading

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