Options for Women Who Are Pregnant Without Insurance

Normal child birth delivery (vaginal) can cost you from $6000 up to $8000 on average. If you have to take the C- section, the cost can rise significantly up to $12,000. What if you have other complications and difficulties? Beyond that, you also have to pay for checkups, have prenatal testing and other important expenditures. To simply put it: pregnancy and childbirth are expensive. If you are pregnant without insurance, have you prepared for that big day? Much of the pregnancies nowadays are not planned and of the many planned pregnancies, a small percentage are truly secure financially in which they can have the right to be pregnant without insurance. What about the rest of those who are pregnant without insurance? What are their options?

If you are pregnant without insurance, you can take part of government funded programs. One of these plans ideal for women who are pregnant without insurance is Medicaid. This is federally funded and it is run by each state of the US. It offers medical assistance to individuals and families who belong to low income sectors. You have to get in touch with the Medicaid in your state since not all states offer programs for women who are pregnant without insurance.pregnant without insurance

Another option for women who are pregnant without insurance is the WIC program or Women Infant Children. this is a program from its namesake agency offering grants to various states to offer referrals for insurance as well as supplemental foods, and nutritional guidance for low income women who may be pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding or not. The program also offers grants for infant kids up to the age of 5. Again, this is not for all and you have to prove that you are living low income.

A unique option for women who are pregnant without insurance would have to be those discount programs. As we have already discussed, though some women may have health insurance, there might be gaps in the insurance that make it difficult to support your pregnancy. This program adds additional cash flow. This program offers plans with very low monthly costs. This will help you save up to 50% of the hospital check outs as well as checkups with your doctor.

Let us face it: life is tough especially for women who are pregnant without insurance to think about all the possibilities of giving birth at home or somewhere and your child not having the privilege for a safe, secure and hassle free entry to the world. We want the best for our kids but that only means planning early. We know that low income families struggle to get good insurance with maternity benefits but that is why there are programs that support the needs of women who are pregnant without insurance. The best way of course is to plan as early as possible and make sure that you are financially stable before taking the plunge to a new chapter in your life: being a mother.

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